10 Beautiful Nature Shots of Lenticular Clouds


Lenticular cloud photography by Guide Montañes

Lenticular clouds (or Altocumulus lenticularis) are lens-shaped clouds that resemble UFO’s. Forming in the troposphere in perpendicular alignment to wind flow, lenticular clouds offer breathtaking reminders of the unparalleled beauty of nature. Luckily for us, lenticular clouds are often the subject of many a fine photographer’s eye. Catch some of the most beautiful shots of lenticular clouds below.

Tahoma's Lenticular Winter Cap by Michael Holden on 500px.com

Lenticular Clouds Over Glacier Gorge by Erik Page on 500px.com

Lenticular Sunrise by Dustin Penman on 500px.com

ovni by Edison Zanatto on 500px.com

Walk to the giants by Денис Будьков on 500px.com

Altocumulus Lenticularis II by Ruben Garcia on 500px.com

Sunset at Torres Del Paine by Nae Chantaravisoot on 500px.com

Sunset at Lago Grey by Mike Reyfman on 500px.com

Rapture Clouds by Tom Lowe on 500px.com

Featured image by Guido Montañes
via Marvelous