YouTube and Netflix May Be Sluggish Because of Business Disputes [Report]


If you’re still waiting for a YouTube video to stop buffering so you can watch it, don’t get mad at YouTube — an internet service provider may also be at fault.

Comcast, Cogent, and internet service providers in Europe are reportedly limiting service to video companies like YouTube and Netflix to get them to upgrade their connections.

According to Ars Technica:

These business decisions involve “peering” agreements that Internet companies make to pass traffic from one to another and negotiations over caching services that store videos closer to people’s homes so they can load faster in your browser. When Internet providers refuse to upgrade peering connections, traffic gets congested. When ISPs refuse to use the caching services offered by the likes of Google and Netflix, video has to travel farther across the Internet to get to its final destination—your living room.

And while these companies argue about how much to pay one another for their services, viewers are the ones left waiting.

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