Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy is a #Fail. Fix it. Now.


social media strategy

social media strategy

Social media has increased consumer expectation.

Not only do they expect, but also require that their real estate broker have a credible social media presence.

Homebuyers and sellers utilizing social media within their real estate search are coming to conclusions with the click of a mouse.

What does your social media marketing say about you?

Fix Your Failing Social Media Strategy

Buyer and seller assumptions are driven by perception and the impressions made as they peruse through your social presence, or lack thereof.

Potential clients analyze and evaluate what and how you share, as well as the message, approach and tone behind it.

While trial and error often takes place in social media and mistakes are inevitable, many roadblocks to success can be overcome.

If you are currently using social media to market your business and struggling to create momentum, use the tips below to rescue your failing social media strategy.

1. Don’t Personalize or Internalize Your Failures

Holding on to past mistakes doesn’t do anyone any good. Analyze what went wrong, adjust your strategy, and put a plan in place to actualize what you visualize.

My grandma used to say, “People who don’t make any mistakes are not doing anything. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on from the past.”

2. Let Go of What You Think You Know

Let go of everything you think you know and start from a fresh perspective. Pretend you’re a new company and look at building your social media from that angle.

So many times in business, we get in our own way. We continue down a path that we think will work. This is a time to take off the blinders (whether you acknowledge there are any in place or not) and embrace the “do over”.

3. Bring Outsiders In

Right now is an excellent time to bring outsiders in. Many times they will shed light on the situation and point out things that you were not aware of.

Inviting outsiders in is a HUGE opportunity for you to learn something new and expand your knowledge.

Be truly open to what is being said. Do not discount anything.

4. Revisit Your Overall Marketing Goals

How does social media support company marketing goals?

If you understand this, then you can take that knowledge one step further. Pull together members of your team and discuss how they see social media advancing company objectives.

Don’t worry about the how, just let the ideas flow and record all of the ideas as possibilities.

5. Analyze Your Social Media Foundation

Take a good long look at your social media foundation.

Are all of the pieces such as your Google Plus profile, Facebook Page, Twitter account, blogging efforts, video marketing and keyword strategy working together as a machine?

If not, this might be a great time to learn what it takes to have an effective social media foundation. In many cases, a simple adjustment can mean a huge shift in traffic and engagement within your communities.

6. Adjust Your Strategy

Implement a new strategy with new tools and then measure the results.

Remember, it is important to give the strategy some time. Each month, review the results by looking at key factors such as:

  • Traffic ranking
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Plus 1′s on Google Plus or Likes on your Facebook page
  • Number of comments on your blog
  • New email subscribers

In the strategy plan, these specific metrics should have already been identified. Keep track of what is happening each week and pay attention to what seems to be working and what could be better.


The exciting part about social media is that everything is measurable.

Have some fun and get creative. Any efforts already implement are not lost. They might need a few tweaks.

Those tweaks could translate into an incredible shift for your company.

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This monthly Social Media for Real Estate column is contributed by Rebekah Radice. Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer and trainer that has been actively involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 17 years. Rebekah is the Manager of Industry Engagement for Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate and serves as “the voice” behind the brand. As someone that manages social media on a daily basis, her goal is to help you stop those time sucking activities and maximize, prioritize and monetize your online efforts! +Rebekah Radice

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