You Should Watch This Lady’s 7 Hilarious Vine Covers of “Cheerleader”


Have you heard the song, “Cheerleader” by OMI yet? Yes? Good. No? Here you go. It was (and still is) one of the summer’s most popular songs. It was the #1 song on the Billboard 100 chart back in July, and today, it’s #5. Who’s OMI you might ask? Well, his real name is Omar Samuel Pasley, and he grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica. At 15, he moved to Rochester, New York, and three years later, returned to Jamaica.

But, we’re not so interested in OMI anymore. Sure, “Cheerleader” is a catchy, little ditty, but we found the “Cheerleader” cover to end all covers. Well, we actually found seven of them, and they all come from comedian and Viner, Mielmonster. Yes, Miel (me-elle) is her first name, and “you can thank my parents for that,” she told us. One of Miel’s seven “Cheerleader” covers, “OMI surfs the web pt 5,” made it to Vine’s comedy page, she added, where it got loads of exposure. Her second Vine account is miello, by the way.

All seven of the covers, as you’ll see soon, are more than just a cover. Miel says she doesn’t know who the real OMI is, but she’s certain of one thing… “The only thing I know about OMI is that his name is OMI. Assuming it’s a he, and apparently, he surfs the web. More specifically searches Google images to ‘find’ things. OMI thinks the internet is a ‘Where’s Waldo’ style scavenger hunt”… We cannot confirm nor deny this, but let us bask in Miel’s inner-OMI greatness as she serenades us all with a bit of pop-culture mixed into the “Cheerleader” phenomena.

OMI surfs the web

OMI surfs the web pt 2

OMI surfs the web pt 3

OMI surfs the web pt 4

OMI surfs the web pt 5

OMI surfs the web pt 6

OMI surfs the web pt 7

SMW: Deep down, do you like the song?
Miel: “i have heard the song once. i’d like to meet this girl who approaches strangers and asks if they need her. that’s my kind of lady.”

SMW: Why do you think the one with “space heater” was shared way more than the other ones?
Miel: “the ‘space heater’ made it to the comedy page where it got loads of exposure. why that one was chosen and not “Cousin Skeeter” is an unjust mystery that haunts me.”

SMW: Which of your Vines would you want OMI to make a Cheerleader Pt. 2 for?
Miel: “omi should 100% fur sure make a cousin skeeter reboot with my theme song. everyone misses cousin skeeter. if you don’t miss cousin skeeter, scoot off this planet, you tasteless clown.”

You can follow Miel on Twitter and Instagram as well.

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