You Have The Power To Rewire Your Brain For More Joy


Seeking to find happiness through a job before you find happiness on a personal level is like trying to stand on stilts in quicksand.

That’s how Anahita Moghaddam feels about it, anyway. As founder of Neural Beings, a coaching practice that helps people and companies identify a purpose and hone in on a process to get there, she believes it is our “primary responsibility” to cultivate love and happiness within ourselves, first and foremost.

Speaking last October at The Feast social entrepreneurship conference in Brooklyn, N.Y., Moghaddam said that if you only look to your professional achievements to sustain your sense of purpose and well-being, a sense of emptiness or desperation is almost inevitable.“When that job is gone or when you get fired or you get really disillusioned by what you thought, then you are going to suffer.”

Instead, she guides people to an idea of living mindfully as a way to improve our focus and provide more joy in life.

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Also, on Thursday February 26, Anahita Moghaddam will explore techniques and the science around mindfulness and meditation as part of Social Media Week New York. For more on this event and to get your pass for Social Media Week New York, please check out the schedule of events here.

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