You Can Now Talk Underwater Because Science


A new underwater communications device from Casio, called the Logosease, now allows you to have a conversation with your scuba pals. By attaching the pocket-sized underwater two-way radio to your mask strap, and with simple operation, you can start communicating from 45ft away, and a depth of 130ft.

According to Logosease, “communication is done with ultrasound. Bone-conduction microphone (built-in) collects the vibration of sender’s voice from his/her bone, and send it via ultrasound. After a receiver catches it, the bone-conduction speaker (built-in) will transfer to the receiver via his/her bone.” This technology makes the most sense for divers to keep track of each other in potentially murky waters. Whereas divers typically relied on sight for keeping tabs on colleagues, the Logosease adds a secondary sense, sound, to the equation.

The device has a battery life of three hours per charge, and uses one-touch actions to engage in conversations. This could also find itself useful for beginner scuba divers going through training. Combine physical instruction with spoken ones, and overall learning time might be reduced significantly.

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