Yes, You Can Do What You Want With YOUR Body


Planned Parenthood
There are two things that chap my khakis about the abortion debate. I’ll keep it brief so that I don’t get too riled up to the point of insult. It’s possible to be passionate and remain civil (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

The first problem is that the debate isn’t really a debate. Roe v Wade has been decided and is the law of the land. Many are acting as if Planned Parenthood is the only way for women to get abortions. Granted, it’s one of the easiest places to get an abortion, but defunding the organization while a righteous investigation is taking place should be a no-brainer considering the evidence that we’ve seen so far in the videos. Anyone who wants to debate that is politically motivated; there’s no real justification other than to say that the law doesn’t apply if liberal causes break it.

As Ted Cruz said, this particular question about Planned Parenthood should have been easy and the Senate should have acted as a unit based upon what we know so far. Instead, it has become a question about abortion in general rather than Planned Parenthood’s activities.

The second and bigger issue is the question of whether or not conservatives will allow women to do as they please with their body. The very heart of true conservatism thrives when in the pursuit of individual freedoms. I would never advocate a law, action, or principle that attacks an individual’s right to do anything that only affects them. If someone wants to smoke and that smoke doesn’t get into anyone else’s lungs, so be it. If they want to drink, as long as they’re not risking others, so be it. If someone wants to worship a false god, so be it.

In all of those cases, it’s our responsibility to give them the educational resources to live responsibly. It’s not our responsibility to mandate. Personally, I will share what I know about Jesus Christ, for example, in hopes of helping them. I would not advocate mandatory reading of the Bible.

A woman or a man should have the freedom to do as they please with their bodies. The debate about abortion inserts another body into the equation. There are many valid arguments that can be made by pro-choicers. They can argue about the economic condition of the country and the need for population reduction. Obviously I do not agree but at least it would be a valid argument.

This isn’t a new perspective, but since the questions about “my body” keep coming up, the answer needs to be continuously restated. Do what you will with your own body but leave the other person’s body alone.

The abortion debate is not about a woman’s body or her right to choose what to do with it. The debate circles around someone else’s body and the right for that person to exist.