Yahoo Rolls Out Changes to Ad Units


Yahoo today demonstrated that it is looking to polish its ad units in addition to buying start-ups, launching an interactive billboard module and ‘Sponsored Stories’-esque ads in its news feed.

Yahoo announced a large top-of-page ad module, called Billboard, that can support more than one link within it.

“For example, a movie trailer that runs on the Billboard could link to more information about the film and cast, and let you buy tickets directly from the ad. We believe that advertising like this can be fun and engaging for users, while also effective for advertisers,” CEO Marissa Mayer wrote on the company’s blog.

The company is also taking a page from Facebook, bringing Streams text-only ads into its news stream. The ads appear on a colored background to distinguish them from news content.

“Advertising can, and should, enhance content discovery in a seamless and effective manner. … Stream Ads are the sponsored twin to our newsfeed articles and are every bit as personalized and engaging,” Mayer wrote.

We’ll let users be the judge of that, but there’s no denying that advertising brings in revenue, and that’s what Mayer needs if she wants the continued blessing of Wall Street.

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