WWE Immortals Updated with New Characters, WrestleMania 31 Content



Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WWE announced the release of a major content update for WWE Immortals on mobile devices. The update brings new characters to the game’s roster and introduces the new Events System, giving players a chance to receive rewards in limited time challenges.

The roster update includes two versions of iconic Superstars, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage. Austin is available as the Texas Rattlesnake and as an Icebound Watcher, while Savage is available as a Renegade and as the Macho King. These characters are part of the game’s planned monthly updates, and follow the release of Randy Orton in February.

Meanwhile, the Events System is kicking off with an event surrounding the upcoming WrestleMania 31, WWE’s premiere event of the year, which takes place this Sunday, March 29. The event will last through April 2, and will see gamers completing battles with the goal of climbing the leaderboard to receive WrestleMania 31 Four-Star Gear or an exclusive WrestleMania 31 Two-Star “Ticket” Gear, both of which will only be offered during this event.

Finally, the game’s daily quest system was also updated for WrestleMania 31, with quests reflecting the show’s matches and themes.

WWE Immortals is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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