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Work4 Labs Officially Debuts Graph Search Recruiter


Facebook recruiting solution Work4 Labs announced the official release of Graph Search Recruiter, which it rolled out in beta in August.

Graph Search Recruiter allows recruiters to search all publicly available user information on Facebook by people, places, likes, interest, workplaces, and schools, and, just as Facebook users can narrow down their queries in Graph Search, users of the Work4 product can optimize their searches to zero in on, for example, “people who worked as software engineers in San Francisco this year.

Recruiters using Graph Search Recruiter can keep track of Facebook users they have contacted, or users who have applied to their jobs, and they can also examine suggestions for potential candidates based on connections to employees of their companies.

Work4 Labs CEO Stéphane Le Viet said in a release announcing the official debut of Graph Search Recruiter:

Facebook Graph Search is a revolutionary tool in and of itself. But we saw the need for recruiters to be able to quickly and easily access the millions of potential candidates and sort through the data efficiently. While LinkedIn gives recruiters access to search about 25 percent of the market, Facebook gives recruiters access to everyone, everywhere. Graph Search Recruiter gives companies the opportunity to sync their own career site to Facebook’s massive, global network of professionals and workers across industries, trades, and skill sets, in order to find the exact candidates for whom they are searching.

Graph Search Recruiter will be a game-changer for the social recruiting industry, because it puts the largest passive talent pool in the world – Facebook — directly at recruiters’ fingertips. With Graph Search Recruiter, for the first time, everyone in the world becomes a potential candidate, saving recruiters time and money, while making sourcing for the right fit easier than ever before.

Readers: Do you think Work4 Labs’ Graph Search Recruiter will be a useful tool?


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