Work Life Manifesto: Ask a Question, Be Featured In My Book


Work Life Manifesto I am in the midst of writing my third book, Work Life Manifesto: Balance and Boundaries for Professionals and Entrepreneurs, and I am looking to you for some help. In each segment of the book, I want to answer questions regarding a topic related to Work/Life. This will help me gauge what I should be talking about and what’s the most pressing issues amongst careerists and those running their own businesses. I am turning to you, my readers and community, in hopes that you will allow me to feature your questions in my book. I am looking for questions in the following areas/topics:

  • Working parent issues/questions
  • Work at home questions/concerns
  • Work/life balance questions (professionals and entrepreneurs)
  • Working with a spouse, friend or loved one inquiries/concerns
  • Side hustle questions
  • Creating boundaries regarding work/life questions

If you have any questions that relate to the above topics, please send them to [email protected]. If selected to be in my book, you will be notified beforehand. Please note that submitting a question automatically gives me permission to post your question whole or in part in my book and online. I am super excited about this project and appreciate your support. Now get those emails fired up so I can begin answering your questions. The tentative date of release for Work Life Manifesto: Balance and Boundaries for Professionals and Entrepreneurs is November 2014.

The Cubicle Chick