Work Hard, Glow Hard: The Best Pet Commercial Ever


When it comes to our pets we want them to be safe first and foremost, but a little style wouldn’t hurt either. Dogs that work hard, should be allowed to glow hard too!

That’s where Dog-E-Glow steps in, who has combined the functionality of LED lightning with colorful looking patterns. As Dog-E-Glow puts it:

They allow your dog to look great during the day, and easily see your dog from a distance at night with just the push of a button. Combining a lighted collar and LED leash is the perfect way to keep your dog visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility!

Now the collars may be pretty spiffy but we probably wouldn’t be bringing these to your attention if it wasn’t one of the funniest ads ever featuring a bunch of dogs actually working hard at the office by day, and glowing hard, while popping bubbly, at some killer rave come nightfall!

Work Hard

Glow Hard


Have a great weekend!


via uproxx