Words that get content shared on social media

How important are the actual words you use in your social media posts?

Evidently, extremely important.

An infographic titled “The surprising words that get content shared on social media” aggregates a few studies that look at which words will prompt people to retweet, share, and engage with your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Some of the words are moderately depressing. For instance, if you want people to retweet your content, you should apparently use words like “please” and “retweet” in your tweets.

That doesn’t seem desperate.

LinkedIn comes out looking slightly more sophisticated (if not a bit jargony) based on the words that resonate with its users: created, increased, reduced, improved, developed, researched, accomplished, won, on time, under budget.

We get it, LinkedIn users—you like innovation.

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To see what other words are likely to earn you shares, check out the full infographic below:


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