Women Dominate Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]



The stats are in and women dominate social media. Where are all the guys at? In some cases women just leave men in the dust.

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As you might have guessed women crush men on social network Pinterest. Only 8% there guys, come on you’re missing opportunity.

Social Media Usage Breakdown by Sex

Facebook: Women 76% Men 66%

Pinterest: Women 33% Men 8%

Instagram: Women 20% Men 15%

Twitter: Women 18% Men 17%

The only social network were men lead is LinkedIn, with a slim 5% margin.

Overall 30% of US women use social media daily, and men are at a paltry 16%

Women vs. Men Social Interaction

Support: Women 54% Men 44%

Offers/coupons: Women 53% Men 36%

Stay Updated: Women 39% Men 33%

Leave Comments: Women 28% Men 25%

Congrats ladies, keep staying social. Guys, you need to step it up.

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