With Biden Out, Bernie Sanders is the Only Hope for the Democrats


When Barack Obama took office in 2009, there were tons of Republicans who assumed that his facade would fall, that the country would see him as a bad President soon enough. I didn’t see that. It’s not that I supported him. I simply thought his ideas and personality appealed to the people. I knew it would be hard to beat him in 2012.

This time, the Democrats aren’t looking at a charming, idealistic person as their most likely candidate. They have Hillary Clinton. The silver lining to Republicans if she’s able to win is that she would effectively and quickly demonstrate her incompetence in office. Unlike Obama, Clinton would not be able to win a second term and will set the Democratic party back to the last time they had a one-term President in Jimmy Carter.

Hillary is no Bill. She’s no Barack. She’s an ambitious but ineffective politician. If her name wasn’t Clinton, she wouldn’t even be in consideration.

Bernie Sanders is the candidate that scares me. He’s the Democrat who could win the hearts and minds of the people with his socialist ideas and willingness to attack everything big. Banks and corporations should fear him, which is why the American people will likely love him (at least those in the middle and to the left).

Hillary Clinton isn’t likable. She’s so transparently fake as an individual that even Anderson Cooper asked if she would be willing to say or do anything in order to get into office. That will hopefully shine through in the general election. If the American people, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, is able to see her for who she really is, they won’t vote her into the White House.

The lack of Biden or any other viable candidate for the Democrats means that Hillary Clinton will likely get the nomination. This is a coup for Republicans, but it also means that if things get crazy for Hillary, we’ll have a real candidate in Bernie Sanders to battle. That might not end as well.