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Will Twilio Cloud Code Module For Parse Bring Voice, Messaging To Facebook Apps?


TwilioLogoVoice and messaging may be coming to more applications on Facebook and elsewhere on the mobile Web as cloud communications provider Twilio announced at its third annual TwilioCon in San Francisco that it updated its Cloud Code Module for Facebook-owned cloud-app platform Parse with an eye toward enabling developers to move in that direction.

Twilio said in a release that its application-programming-interface platform provides business communications infrastructure including hardware, software, carrier connectivity, and phone numbers in a cloud-based, on-demand, global environment, and its updated module for Parse Cloud Code will enable mobile developers to integrate its services with their apps, including Twilio’s REST API, which helps to deliver services such as interactive voice response, mobile app distribution via SMS, call automation, and two-factor authentication.

Twilio Developer Evangelist Kevin Whinnery said in the release:

The new Twilio for Cloud Code module is particularly great for mobile developers on iOS and Android. They can now use Parse for their Twilio Client VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) apps without needing to set up a server.

Parse Director of Marketing Ashley Smith added:

Cloud modules let developers easily integrate third-party services and libraries into their Parse apps. One of the top requests we get from app developers is to make it easier to integrate voice and messaging functionality, so we’re thrilled to release an updated Twilio module that makes adding SMS and telephone features to apps dead simple. For many developers, voice and messaging features are critical to their apps, but they don’t have the time or resources to maintain servers and back-end code. The new Cloud Code Module lets you harness all of Twilio’s functions, including VoIP, voice, and messaging, without having to manage back-end infrastructure.

And Whinnery added in a blog post:

The first version of the Twilio Cloud Code module let developers send SMS text messages. The latest version, available today in Parse’s Cloud Code environment, brings all the power of the Twilio platform to Parse, including TwiML (Twilio Markup Language), VoIP, and the entire REST API. It is a port of our official node.js helper library, but is also 100 percent backward-compatible with the older version of the Cloud Code module. Combined with Parse’s new support for dynamic Web apps, there’s no communications app you can’t build with Twilio and Parse Cloud Code.

With the new Twilio Cloud Module for Parse, you can build full-featured communications apps in the cloud. Call centers, SMS notification systems, VoIP clients — all of these apps are now possible with no server configuration or management at all.

Readers: Are you curious to see how voice and messaging will be incorporated into Facebook apps?

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