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Will IOS Users Get ‘Down’ With Updated Facebook ‘Matchmaking’ App?


DowniOS1113The Facebook matchmaking application previously known as Bang with Friends and rebranded as Down released an updated iOS version earlier this week, TechCrunch reported.

Bang with Friends released iOS and Android apps in May based on a simple concept: If two Facebook friends who used the apps or website expressed mutual interest in becoming more than friends, both were alerted by Bang with Friends.

In August, game developer Zynga sued the developers of Bang with Friends, claiming that the “with Friends” portion of its name infringed upon its trademark covering games including Words with Friends and Chess with Friends.

After being removed from the App Store in May, Bang with Friends returned in late August under its new moniker, Down, and in October, Down announced an overhaul and rolled out an Android app with new functionality, such as allowing users to browse friends of friends, and including “get date” as an option, rather than just, well, banging.

Founder Colin Hodge told TechCrunch last month:

There’s still a stigma for using tech for dating. It’s rapidly eroding, but we still think it’s crucial for our users to feel comfortable. That’s part of the reason we rebranded.

We chose Down to represent the simple, natural way that our generation dates, without alienating people who may not want an app that says “bang” but are totally down otherwise.

One of the biggest requests was, “I love using the app, but I’m running out of people.” We’re making it something you want to come into all the time.

We want this to empower both males and females to be straightforward with their dating life, whether that means sex or a more traditional commitment, so we very much dispute any cries of sexism.

Down told TechCrunch the Android app it released last month experienced growth of more than 300 percent in two-day retention and of 200 percent in one-day retention, and it will now try its luck with the updated iOS app.

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