Wild Snowball Attack Incites Backlash Against Oregon Football Players




Video of a wild snowball fight devolving into unchecked aggression against an elderly motorist has incited a wave of backlash against students and football players at the University of Oregon

The YouTube clip, above, has been viewed more than 2.5 million times since Friday, and exploded over the weekend. It shows the aftermath of an organized snowball fight reportedly put together by members of the Oregon football team to mark the first substantial snowfall in the school’s hometown of Eugene

But after the voluntary college shenanigans end, things turn much darker. Students block the car of retired Oregon art-history professor Sherwin Simmons, then bombard him with snowballs from close range. One student dumps a bucket of snow on the driver’s-side windshield of his car. When Simmons gets out to protest, he’s pelted with more snowballs from point-blank range, and a bucket of snow is dumped on him Read more…

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