Why Were You Unfriended On Facebook?


UnfriendKey650The most likely Facebook friends to be unfriended are random people from high school, according to an ongoing study of unfriending on the social network by University of Colorado computer science PhD student Christopher Sibona, as reported by Vox.

Sibona searches Twitter for mentions of unfriending, and then sends those Twitter users links to his surveys, which have been answered by a few thousand people, according to Vox, which added on the topic of random high school classmates being unfriended:

The top category isn’t exactly a shock. For many of Facebook’s first users, the site launched during high school or soon thereafter, and friending every classmate you knew was considered normal.

As the years have worn on, your ties with many of these people have predictably frayed. If they post something annoying or irrelevant in their News Feed, the impulse to unfriend is strong.

Other findings by Sibona in previous surveys included:

  • The most common direct reasons for unfriending included inappropriate or polarizing posts (politics, religion, sex, profanity, sexism, racism), and annoying posts (jobs, meals, pictures of children and pets).
  • The Facebook user who sent the friend request that initiated the friendship on the social network is the one more likely to be defriended.

Users: Did any of Sibona’s findings surprise you?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.