Why Wedding Is A Serious Business on Pinterest?


2013 is the age of visual social media platforms like Pinterest. With its recipes, makeup and beauty tips and home décor Pinterest has mesmerized its users, especially women. According to TechCrunch 97% of Pinterest users are women. So naturally, the social media platform is full of stuffs that interest women mostly. Pinterest categories include – DIY, Food, Movies and Music, Home Décor, Hair and Beauty and of course –wedding.

Now, I am not going to say that the perfect wedding is the dreams of every woman. All I want to say is that most of those who intend to get married in the near future are already making plans for their wedding. And for inspirations for their dream wedding, they are turning to their very own online pinboard – Pinterest.com.

Where to find the best designer wedding dresses? Plan to create a fun wedding tradition? Need a first kiss photo idea? How about some place card and wedding invite inspiration? – There’s just one place to look for all the answers.

On Pinterest, you can find the choicest of wedding dress designers to wedding blogs that offer you some cool advice and inspiration for your dream wedding. To plan a great wedding all you have to do is to browse through the site, follow the top wedding pinners (HuffingtonPost has a great list), take mental notes and pin them on your wedding pinboard. You can even share your pinspiration with your spouse or your maid of honor and plan the event together.

This is probably the reason behind the steep growth in the popularity of Pinterest as an online pin board for wedding inspirations. Irrespective of your taste and/or budget, you can always find some interesting ideas. And that’s good news for the businesses.

How does Pinterest help the wedding based businesses?

Today, almost all the top wedding blogs, wedding planners, dressmakers have a Pinterest presence where they can showcase their works, share some tips and even share some funny pictures and videos with their audiences.

Here’s a stat that will tell you why-  69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy, compared with 40 percent of Facebook users (source: All Facebook).

Wedding Pinterest can make the mammoth task of planning her wedding a lot manageable for the would-be-brides. Plus, the businesses have a chance to win some customers in this process.

Wedding Pinboard on Pinterest

For example – if you visit Topwedding Pinterest page, you will find a board for everything from wedding dress and wedding favor to the guest book and wedding umbrellas. Apart from that you can also find boards for funny videos and celebrity marriages. In short, they offer you every inspiration (and some beautiful wedding gowns and wedding veils) you need to make your special day really special.

Most wedding related businesses today are using Pinterest in a similar fashion to attract the brides-to-be. In return, the users are following them and repinning their pins and in this process they are spreading the word about the business and its products. And a large section of them are actually buying from their sites.

After all, word-of-mouth (in this case repins) till date remain the best promotional tool. With Pinterest to showcase their products, businesses these days are experiencing more footfalls and more profit from sales.

This way, visual social media platforms, like Pinterest, have opened a new horizon of opportunities for brides and businesses alike.