We interview Mallzee’s 26 year old CEO and Founder Cally Russell. This ‘Tinder for clothes’ fashion app has recently launched a totally revamped version of their app – and we know you’ll love it!
Where did the concept for Mallzee come from? 
The concept came from the idea that online shopping fundamentally had to change on mobile. It’s easy to jump between different shops on a tablet or a computer but on a mobile device it’s an awful experience. You don’t want to have 10 different apps to just shop with! That’s why we created Mallzee, which brings together over 100 stores into one app and makes it easy to find clothes you’ll love.
Why is your app the Tinder for clothes? 
People have called Mallzee the Tinder for clothes because of the swipe actions we use in the app to help people rate the clothes that we recommend. It’s also due to the highly addictive nature of the app, we see an average of over 100 swipes per use!  
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Do you see Mallzee expanding further than being a personal stylist in shoppers’ pockets?
When you start anything, it’s important to totally own a sector before diversifying. We want to provide the perfect shopping experience before we even start to think past that.
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How do you think your app will change the way people shop?
We believe over the next 18 months the growth in people shopping on their mobile is going to increase massively and we want to be at the forefront of that. A lot of young people now use their phone as their main point of accessing the internet and we think that shopping for clothes on mobile is the next big jump.

Which top fashion bloggers and stylists do you feature on the app?
Right now we’re working with Ghostparties and Garcon Jon which is fantastic for us as they’re both amazing and have a huge following. We’ve got a few superstars lined up for the next couple of months but you’ll have to download the app to find out who!
How does the in-app clothes sharing work and does it help customers make a more thought-out decision when purchasing?
Mallzee lets users share anything they find through social networks and now also WhatsApp. Being able to ask friends their opinions before you purchase an item really helps in making a decision. By being able to chat with friends as you shop it feels like you’re actually shopping with them.
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You work with over 100 brands, can you name a few for us? Which ones do you like to shop at?
We work with a great range of brands from big guys like Topman, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, River Island and Boohoo, and also smaller companies like Glassworks and Young British Designers. It’s important for us to offer people a really wide range of choices. I shop at a range of different places and find fab new brands through Mallzee all the time.
Is there still a need for personal stylists in stores or does Mallzee take away from that?
I don’t think we take away from anything like that in stores. People will still want that person to person experience. Mallzee offers a personal shopping experience at any time at your fingertips and can fulfil all budgets.
Describe this shopping app in three words?
Personal, fashion, shopping.
Download Mallzee here and start shopping!

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