Why Brands Should Play More Games


This post was written by Claire Meyer.


In SMW NYC’s event, “The Intrinsic Nature of Games as Social Entertainment,” the IAB brought together gaming industry leaders to share the potential of gaming as a branded tool and an extension of current content marketing trends. Speakers talked hard data, mechanics, and yes, Flappy Bird.

In a time where 1 billion hours a day are spent mobile gaming, and the number of gamers is expected to double in the coming few years, mobile gaming is undeniably a content marketing force to be reckoned with. Beyond straight numbers, speakers stressed the invaluably high user engagement found in mobile (or other platform) gaming, when it incorporates certain social elements.

Specifically, Zynga Marketing and Strategy Director, Jeff Colen, stressed that successful social games include some combination of “competition, collaboration, and sharing.” Speakers pointed to recently departed viral phenomenon Flappy Bird as a game that successfully incorporate all three.

Given the frequency of interaction and the duration or each game-play, it seems brands would be near foolish to ignore the potential payoff of a gaming partnership.

In Memory of Flappy Bird, 2013-2014

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