Who’s the Most Interesting Troll on the Internet?


We all know about the Most Interesting Man in the World, but what about the most interesting troll on the Internet? Meet ronnyjohnson618, a prolific YouTube critic who is apparently an expert on everything. Indeed, ronnyjohnson618 has been a train conductor, a game designer, a geometry teacher, a professional musician, a music critic and a botanist to name a few areas of expertise. And hey, if he hasn’t done it, he has a family friend or family member who has.

Not only has he done pretty much anything you can think of, he is all too happy to offer his expert opinion for the benefit of educating the ignorant YouTube masses. Basically, he spends his time on the site being a hater, pointing out where people are wrong and using his own broad spectrum of made-up experience to give his criticism credibility.

ronnyjohnson618 on psychology:

ronnyjohnson618 on game design:

On conducting an orchestra:

ronnyjohnson618’s YouTube channel is currently unavailable but one redditor decided to troll the troll and collect all of ronnyjohnson618’s posts in one place.

H/T Mashable

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