Who Will Win The Battle Of Black Friday: XBox or Playstation? [INFOGRAPHIC]


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The PS4 and the Xbox One both hit the stores earlier this month, but which console will sell the most units on Black Friday?

South Park has illustrated the rivalry between fan-bases in their latest three-part episode, with kids fighting each other Game-of-Thrones style to secure the future of their chosen console. The true final battle though is Black Friday at the mall. But who will win?

In the real world, we’re asking the same question. Both consoles have loyal fan-bases, but the PS4 is $ 100 cheaper and has (so far) had better luck with its ad campaigns.

So, PS4 or Xbox One?

SDL has released an infographic explaining why their money’s on the PS4.

They’ve ranked each console with its patent-pending Product Commitment Score, which uses social analytics and sentiment analysis to predict consumer trends.

The models used are generated by its Customer Commitment Framework™, and isolate social conversations at various stages in the shopping process. Not only can they predict which will sell best, but they can also see why, and pin-point the most effective areas of the campaign. It’s genius.

The results? SDL predict big BIG gap in Product Commitment Scores between the PS4, which weighs in at 54 points, and the Xbox One, at 48.

These figures are based on initial momentum, campaign success, price difference, and — unfortunately for Xbox — poor reactions from Xbox users who received their consoles before the release date.

If you’re thinking of buying a console, we can only suggest you wait (if possible). Neither has a large selection of games out yet, and they’re out of stock pretty much everywhere.

And, if you’re buying for your kids, find out which console they want first. Seriously. This is something you do NOT want to get wrong.


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