Who Are the Most Influential Venture Capitalists on Social Media?


Kred, the two-part scoring system for social media influence, has scoured the Twitter feed to find the most active venture capitalists on the microblogging site. If you’re keeping track of funding trends or you have an elevator pitch to share, these are the handles to watch.

Kred’s three highest Influence scores in Venture Capital belong to:

  1. Al Gore (972/3), co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management
  2. Biz Stone (967/5), the co-founder of Twitter, Inc. and advisor at Spark Capital
  3. Kevin Rose (966/6), partner in Google Ventures

The influence score is a way to gauge a person’s effect on others, and is measured by how often a person’s tweets are retweeted and how many followers they have.

For Outreach, which measures how often people respond to other people and their content, the highest scores belong to:

  1. Shervin Pishevar (892/9), managing director at Menlo Ventures
  2. Tristan Walker (899/9), entrepreneur-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz
  3. Dave McClure (914/9), venture capitalist & founding partner at 500 Startups

What exactly are they tweeting about? Venture capitalists aren’t known for their candor. People who write million-dollar checks don’t walk around saying things like, “That @square card reader is super cute. Imma move it from my wishlist to my shopping cart! OMG.” At least not before they’ve sealed the deal.

Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose tweeted about an electric skateboard that he backed on Kickstarter, though. According to his Kred profile, Rose’s commentary about Facebook’s debut on the stock market was retweeted 42 times. “Fun to watch the real-time after hours share price of FB as zuck talks,” he wrote. “Almost up to 20.00 share.”

Explained Kred CEO Andrew Grill in his announcement of the winners,”For companies looking to connect with VCs, the Kred outreach score provides a good indication of those people who really ‘get’ social and are most likely to be open to a discussion about funding.”

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