When You Don’t Want to Drive


After a long hard day of tugging, pulling, working and toiling the last thing you might want to do is drive home.  Whether you have worn out your mind with the challenges of being creative all day, or your body as you have worked and busted your hump to create something great driving just feels like a chore at that moment.  When this feeling sweeps over you, but you have to get home somehow, wouldn’t it be great to have a car that can drive itself home and give you a break, or at least most of a break from the thought and task that goes into driving?

We know many car companies are working on autonomous driving cars to bring us vehicles that are able to drive themselves but right now some companies have cars that come very close to doing this for us and will make it easier for our ride home.  Right now Honda and Mercedes-Benz have systems on some of their cars using forward looking cameras, but the experience has been these systems still have flaws enough to remind you to put your hands on the wheel many times which can become a bit if a nuisance rather than a pleasure cruise.

Tesla has also developed this technology, which should come as no surprise, and if you have it downloaded after the purchase of your Tesla Model S it will cost you $ 3,000 but if you order yours with it installed the cost is $ 500 cheaper.  On a well-marked road the Model S can easily read the lane markers and handle the driving for you.  This system is smart enough to even pass when desired if you set the feature to do so, making this the currently most advanced system on any current car with at least semi-autonomous driving ability.

You can even follow along with what the car is looking at which is displayed on the dashboard or you can spend your time playing with the massive seventeen-inch tablet installed in the dash for your amusement.  This makes for a relaxed ride home, in a car that certainly has the ability to handle the driving duties for you, which for a great ride.  Unfortunately you can’t quite go to sleep because this system may need your help, it’s not quite able to take over 100 percent of the time, but some breaks can really benefit you on the ride home.

In cases thus far companies have found different lighting conditions have an effect on this system in any car but the Tesla system seems to be able to handle the various lighting conditions without too much trouble.  When you want to have a break from driving this is certainly a way to do it, but when you have the Tesla Model S as your vehicle you certainly will want to enjoy the massive horsepower it provides most of the time; it’s really nice to have the option to do both when you want to.