When Should I Post on Twitter and Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]


When can you expect the most click-throughs? Bitly looked at its own numbers to answer that question, then Raka Creative turned their data into an infographic.

For Twitter, the best time for click-throughs seems to be Monday to Thursday between 1 and 3 pm. Avoid tweeting after 8 pm most nights, though on Friday click-throughs fall after 3 pm. Twitter traffic is up between 9 am and 3 pm, but it also means that your tweets will have more tweets to compete with.

On Facebook, Wednesday at 3 pm is the absolute best time to post for the highest number of click-throughs. Who knew that hump-day had this upside? Generally, aiming for mid-week between 1 and 4 pm is a good bet.

Facebook traffic ramps up at 9 am and starts to fade around 4 pm. But waiting until 11 am is smart if you want to have a lot of click-throughs.

I guess people use Facebook and Twitter a lot while they are at work. I know I do, but that’s my job. 

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