When A Friend Of A Friend Becomes My Employee


When A Friend Of A Friend Becomes My Employee

More and more companies are opening their social referral program to out of the company sources and are increasing the number of people looking for talented new recruits.

Your clients, friends, families, and all those who appreciate your values and understand your needs are assisting in your search for candidates.

The Wall Street Journal calls it Friend Of A Firm (from FOAF, the 6 degrees of relationships theory), in France we call it participative recruitment.

Dr. John Sullivan, Recruitment Specialist (900 articles and 10 books), echoes the Wall Street Journal to show us the benefits of such a recruitment program. 

The benefits of participative recruitment

The choice:

With over 40 million users on social media networks, besides word of mouth, entrust your hiring to as many people that can provide you with more candidates.

This increase in the number of talent hunters is particularly useful for start-ups and small companies for which an internal hiring program will never attain the same results.


Time spent on “friend of a firm” to find a future employee doesn’t have any payroll costs. The time your “friend of a firm” head hunter spends searching is their time and free (or low cost if you provide a hiring bonus).

Your” business friends” may have a vested interest in your business doing well (especially suppliers) many will be willing to provide you with new candidates for little or no economic reward.

This is currently the best ROI in the recruitment market.


If the program is properly designed, your talent scouts will easily understand your needs and provide candidates that are the best match.

This “education” passes through the different levels of talent scouts. Based on serious gaming philosophy the best-performing talent scouts are rewarded accordingly. This pushes others to rise to the same level and so on.

A proven and approved program:

Dozens of companies have successfully used this approach Verinon technology, Internosis, Clearlink and the United States National Guard.


Because the friends of your company have a unique set of contacts that are different from those of your employees, they may be able to find candidates that your employees can’t find. And your workforce will grow without using a recruitment agency or JobBoard type of approach: Post and Pray.


Recruitment is currently recognized as the fastest way to find candidates. By outsourcing your recruiting to your “friends of the firm” and making your recruiting social you should receive the first applications in less than 24 hours.

Strengthen your relationships:

By helping your business recruit a new employee, your “friends of the firm” can learn about your company, know it better and appreciate your business.

This can even lead to new business opportunities and strengthen existing business relationships.

From friends to employees:

In looking for potential employees for your business, those “friends” might have the desire to work for your business. They may apply for your jobs as well send you .

Now that you see the merits of such a program, how will you create your own recruitment program?

Practical case study:

Let’s say that you are currently working for a company specialized in e-commerce. The business is currently booming, and you’re reaching all potential customers and leads.

But these leads are mostly unreliable and only come, or return for discounts and sales like Black Friday.

Then, how do you retain these customers?

By turning them into social headhunters for your company!

Instead of rewarding them with money, reward them with sales coupons, discounts, and other premium benefits.

This way those friends of your company, and actual customers will pass on your social recruitment website, share your offer with the right people and get you new applicants and future employees.

But that’s not all!

Sharing a well-designed job offer for your company directly to the personal address book of your customers will also bring you new customers and save the money you would spend on a social network retargeting campaign. Yes, it’s all about communication and brand awareness.

After your employees, who knows your company the best? Your customers, definitely! And instead of just using the word of mouth to let other people know how great you are, with this strategy, they will now help recruit new employees, as well as new clients. All of this for the goal of getting coupons to buy products from your online shop.

If you manage the campaign well by fixing the right KPI’s and objectives, you should definitely rock the market and increase your profits.

You will hit 3 (yes) targets with one arrow:

You retain your current customers

You recruit faster and at a lower cost.

You communicate about your brand and find new customers.

It’s a win-win and…. WIN strategy

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