What’s Your Share of the Twitter IPO Value?


This week there’s been a bit of mania surrounding the Twitter IPO. Earlier this week the valuation was $ 13.6 billion and after its first day as a publicly shared company the price soared from $ 26 to $ 44.90.

Here’s the thing, as users of the social media platform, we should all remain cognizant that we are the product. So Twitter’s value is based on the activity and engagement from it’s 230 million users.



Not likely any of us will cash in on the Twitter frenzy but it’s fun to play with the idea right? If you really want to calculate the value of your Twitter stream, TIME created a tool to tell you just how much Twitter owes you. The interactive calculator lets you enter your Twitter handle — or anyone’s handle for that matter — and it’ll tell you the value of the twitter stream based on the number of tweets, how long the account has been active, tweets per day, followers, potential eyeballs, and the percentage of people actually paying attention.

TIME calculated President Obama’s stream valued at  $ 5,160,650 and Justin Bieber’s at $ 20,916,384. Looks like my Twitter account is worth less than $ 100 bucks. Guess I won’t be retiring on my newly minted Twitter fortune.

Featured image credit: Rosaura Ochoa

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