What’s The Social Media World Teaching Us These Days?


Are you sick of hearing about how fantastic the world of social media is? Have you noticed how despite all these fantastic “benefits” we have not gained anything tangible or positive? If you have not noticed these things, then here is a list of negative things that social media has “taught” us.

  1. It is teaching us how ignorant people are

    There are some extreme cases of ignorance on social media. There are pages dedicated to the harmful effects of childhood vaccinations, even though 98% of North Americans have had childhood inoculations and are happy and healthy. The ignorance doesn’t even sit at the preposterous; it also sits within a dream world as people believe almost anything that is written on Facebook.

  2. It is teaching us that lies are instantly true if people read them on social media

    The experiment where we eat seven spiders per night was a perfect example of how a rumor put on the Internet can become common knowledge. The professor that tried to make this exact point did it too well, and now people really believe that we eat spiders whilst we sleep.

  3. It is teaching us how fame and attention hungry some people are

    YouTube is jam packed full with people that want to be famous. There are so many announcers and reviewers and singers that it makes you want to vomit blood. It makes one miss the time when it was just full of cats doing funny stuff.

  4. It is teaching us how to waste days of our lives on nothing productive

    Add up all the time you have wasted on social media and it comes to days every year. One could say that it is better than wasting it watching TV, but is it? Wouldn’t it be better if we did something better with our short lives?

  5. It is teaching us we do not have to pay for TV or movies

    Why pay for the Grudge movies when you can watch both the American and Japanese versions on YouTube in high def? Why bother buying the latest set of South Park or Family Guy when you can watch them on YouTube for free?

  6. It is teaching us we do not have to pay for music

    There are now hundreds of bands on YouTube and you can listen to almost any single and almost any album you wish. It has gotten a little crazy how you need not buy music anymore because you can just listen to it on YouTube.

  7. It is teaching us how our education system is failing

    There are so many people that do not know how to write that there is clearly a national epidemic of school failings going on. People do not know the difference between “has” and “as.” They do not know what “lying” and “Lie” is, and the amount of phonetic spelling makes one wonder how many people are dropping out of school these days.

  8. It is teaching us that stealing an identity has never been easier

    It is a snap to steal someone’s data and their identity. Think of any secret question you can remember. The name of the person’s first school? Check on Facebook or LinkedIn and there is it. Their mother’s maiden name? Check Google+ or Facebook and its there? Their favorite book? Check Facebook and it’s there, and you get the idea. You can get almost any piece of secrete information you like from social media.

  9. It is teaching us how very long friendships may be broken with a snippet of text

    The best example of this was shown on Family Guy the TV show. One woman posted that her granddad had died and that is was a painless death and he is missed by all. Lois clicked the “like” button to “like” the post and they fell out because the caption said, “Lois likes this.” Furthermore, if you have a girlfriend then you will know that she has fallen out with someone over Facebook over the last year operating or so. Alternatively, you can go on YouTube and type in Girl Fight and listen to some dialog. At one out of every five is has something about something written on Facebook.

  10. It is teaching us that people cannot get jobs through social media

    It just isn’t happening and for some reason we keep seeing posts on the Internet about how to get a job with social media. Are there actually any success stories out there? Anything other than Justin Beiber that had a record executive for an uncle who told him to go on YouTube so it looks like he was discovered from there like a true underdog?

  11. It is teaching us how to fake references more easily

    Type up a LinkedIn and Facebook page full of lies about your qualifications, your life and your experience and apply for a job. Part of due diligence in many HR departments is fact checking, and many consider checking one or both of those sources a viable form of checking.