What’s New with Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights can seem daunting if you’re not a frequent user, but it’s an extremely helpful tool and when used properly, it can make a big difference when it comes to the performance of your Facebook Brand Page.


The first screen you see when you open up Insights looks like this:

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Thanks to the graphical interface, you’ll know in an instant if your performance has improved or if your numbers are lagging compared to last week. But investing in content is a lot like investing in the stock market. The day-to-day and week-to-week comparisons can be key indicators, but you don’t want to overreact either positively or negatively. It’s all about long term gains, so when you see an anomaly, dig deeper to find the root cause before you make a drastic shift in your content strategy.

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As you dig a little deeper, you can see how your posts are performing in a side-by-side comparison with other posts within the same week. By clicking the ‘See All Posts’ button at the bottom, you can start to determine if certain posts perform better than others. This is based on whether or not images perform better than text-only posts, if certain kinds of content might engage your audience more than others and more. In the long run, this can help you mold a posting strategy to create the best, most engaging content for your Page.

Page Level

My favorite thing about Page Level statistics is how Insights shows how Page Likes are broken down. The first graph below shows how Page Likes vary day to day.

The second graph shows the Fan growth over time.

What’s New with Facebook Insights image PageLevel

Post Level

In my opinion, the updates to the Post Level data are the best to date, thanks to the detail cards and the ‘Best Posts Types’ tab.

What’s New with Facebook Insights image PostLevel1

The Post Detail Cards include important information about the number of Likes, Comments, Shares, People Reached, Post Clicks, and any Negative Feedback. It allows you to zero in on individual posts and analyze their overall performance. You can keep track of which posts fans hid from their News Feed or if someone unliked your page after seeing the post.

What’s New with Facebook Insights image PostLevel2

The Best Post Types tab is also an extremely handy tool to have when thinking about creating content. Above, the graphs show that status updates tend to reach twice as many people as Photos, Videos or Links and that Photos tend to get more engagement than a status update. But, we also know that Facebook rewards engagement and the more people Like, Comment, Share and Click on a post, the more people Facebook will share that post with. So what’s more important? Reach or engagement?

It ultimately depends on your intent. If we know that status updates tend to garner more clicks, then we can be more strategic about the link we include in the post. If we need a boost of engagement, we can post an interesting photo with a specific call to action in the copy.

How Data Helps You Deliver Value

Facebook Insights helps you understand what your audience expects to see when they Like your Page. In turn, you can use that insight to deliver the information they want in an engaging fashion.

How does your company use Facebook Insights to build its content strategy?

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