What You Missed in Social Media News This Week (August 25-28, 2014)

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This week’s wrap-up is like a fabulous five-course meal including all the essential food groups. For the starter course we’ve got tips for finding a co-founder; the main course includes a detailed look at Facebook’s latest round of changes to its algorithm (hint: no more click-baiting headlines!) and a look at Instagram’s amazing new app, Hyperlapse. And for dessert we’ve got a nice reminder of what not to do on social media.

Bon appetit!

Finding Your Better Half: 3 Things You Must Have in a Co-Founder (The Muse)

Image from The Muse

ShortStack CEO, Jim Belosic imparts wisdom for finding your business’ co-founder – a commitment that some view as weighty as finding a spouse.  Jim found his business soul-mate in Doug Churchill, ShortStack’s Co-Founder and Senior Developer. They’ve shared many happy business years together but still sometimes argue over what color to paint the break room.

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $ 15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand (Wired)

Video from Instagram

Ever wonder how movie moguls make those cool time-lapse videos? Until now, only super expensive movie-making magic harnessed the power to capture grass grow or clouds dart across the sky. Now, you don’t have to be Francis Ford Coppola to make a tracking shot or sped-up, time lapse video. Instagram’s new standalone app, Hyperlapse puts this power on your iPhone for the low, low cost of free. And if you want to see how some big brands are already using Hyperlapse, check out this roundup on Social Fresh.

What types of content are getting the best ROI? (Socially Stacked)


Do you ever get the “there are too many types of content marketing” blues? Ever worry that your content marketing efforts are not giving you the most bang for your buck? Worry no more! Socially Stacked shares Captora’s Infographic which will help any social marketer rest easy that their content marketing is getting the maximum ROI.

Facebook cracks down on click-baiting, promotes native link format (Inside Facebook)

Photo from Inside Facebook

Read this article to find out how you may be at risk. Just kidding! If you’re annoyed by click-baiting as much as we are, you’ll be happy to hear that Facebook is implementing ways to deter the shady practice of using misleading headlines to get clicks.

7 Sins of Social Media Marketing (Mashable)

Image from Mashable

In 7 Sins of Social Media Marketing, Hubspot’s Mike Volpe reminds us all of the Must nots we sometimes forget. “Socially awkward brands aren’t just pushed to the sidelines, they miss out on building valuable relationships, or in some cases, end up on a viral list of of social media blunders,” notes Volpe. 

Here’s Why the New Facebook Contest Rules are a Good Thing (Post Planner)

Image from Post Planner

As we all know, Facebook contests are a great way to build momentum for a brand. But since Facebook often changes the rules we all have to follow in order to host one, we appreciated Aaron Lee’s take on what the new rules mean for brands.

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