What You Can Learn About Social Engagement from One Important Study

Posted by Ashley Hennefer on 19 Jan 2015 / 0 Comment

Understanding how fans and clients interact with brands online is vital for all businesses. And there’s a lot of misinformation floating around about what works best for companies–social engagement rates are decreasing! But they’re also increasing! Wait, what? How are business owners supposed to know what strategies are best for connecting with their fans?

When in doubt, I like to go straight to the research. Earlier this year, Norwegian marketing company Komfo quantified their engagement statistics by analyzing thousands of Facebook pages. They released their findings, and here’s what to know.

Content is key

It’s no secret that creating awesome content helps create brand awareness, but it also helps in other ways. Komfo reported higher engagement numbers, which they linked to content development. This is why we recommend focusing on engagement rather than the amount of fans your page has. And this perspective comes at a good time, since Fan-gating was officially disabled across Facebook in November. Put that energy instead into creating content through your blog, awesome graphics, videos and more.

Facebook is supplementary to brand’s main websites

While we still see many benefits to using Facebook, having a strong presence elsewhere on the web ensures that you have control over your engagement regardless of what changes are made to Facebook. This is one reason we here at ShortStack offer the ability to embed Campaigns on websites; your fans will have the same experience with it on both Facebook and your website, but you can help drive leads to your site directly.

Great content helps spur great discussion and engagement, which then increases click through rates, so you’ll want to make sure your website and your content are as solid as your Facebook presence. This also helps keep your engagement growing elsewhere, since Komfo reported that fan Pages on Facebook are seeing lower engagement because of Facebook’s algorithms.

The bottom line

This study reiterates a few ideas that we talk about often here. Creating great content appeals to your fans and potential leads, and helps you maintain growth on and off Facebook. And while we still think Facebook is a great tool with a ton of potential, thinking about your website as the home base for your brand ensures that you can weather the changes in Facebook’s platform.