What Type Of Sharer Are You? Peacock, Dipper, Changeling, Ghost + 8 More Social Media Personalities


Researchers at the University of Winchester performed a study, commissioned by First Direct Bank, observing the different personality types of those of us on social media. As shared on Buffer, the research consisted of 30-day, non-stop monitoring of participants’s social media use, coupled with a nationwide survey of social media habits. The observational takeaways from these experiences were that social media sharers consist of 12 different personality types:

  1. Ultras – Check feeds dozens of times per day
  2. Deniers – Maintain that social media doesn’t control their lives, then get anxious when they’re unable to log on to social media
  3. Dippers – Infrequent use, can go days or weeks without posting
  4. Virgins – First-time users
  5. Lurkers – Watch what others are saying, rarely participate
  6. Peacocks – Seek a high number of followers, fans, likes, and retweets
  7. Ranters – Highly opinionated
  8. Ghosts – Anonymous profiles
  9. Changelings – Completely different personality online compared to offline so no one knows their real identity
  10. Quizzers – Ask a lot of questions
  11. Informers – Seek to be the first to share the latest news
  12. Approval-seekers – Constantly check feeds and updates after posting, anxious for responses

You can fall into more than one type. For instance, you might be an Ultra Lurker Ghost. I’m an Informer Quizzer with Changeling tendencies.

Here’s a super fun infographic that shows the breakdown of all the types:


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