What the hell? Pierre Omidyar selects one of Edward Snowden’s former Booz Allen bosses to be an Omidyar Fellow


Edward Snowden was a Booz Allen Hamilton employee in Hawaii when he worked as a subcontractor for the National Security Agency and made off with hundreds of thousands of the spy agency’s files.

Booz Allen, “the world’s most profitable spy organization,” is one of the NSA’s leading private contractors; the director of US intelligence, James Clapper, was a Booz Allen executive, and former NSA director Michael McConnell is now a Booz Allen VP.

In other words, if you’re with Edward Snowden in any way, Booz Allen is the enemy.

So it may come as a surprise that billionaire Pierre Omidyar — owner and publisher of The Intercept, which holds the only complete cache of Snowden’s NSA files — has just selected one of Snowden’s former bosses at Booz Allen’s Hawaii branch to join the Omidyar Fellows program…

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