What Social Networks Do Active Facebookers Use? (Infographic)


Which other social network do you think most Facebook users are also active on? Would you believe YouTube, which more than doubled the percentage of second-place Twitter?

GlobalWebIndex found that 89 percent of active Facebook users were also active on the Google-owned video site during the past month, followed by:

  • Twitter, 48 percent
  • Google+, 47 percent
  • LinkedIn, 32 percent
  • Instagram, 29 percent
  • Pinterest, 18 percent
  • Tumblr, 11 percent
  • Reddit, 5 percent

GWI discussed the new features for mobile profiles recently released by Facebook in an email to SocialTimes, saying:

Many of the new user profile features recently introduced by Facebook are rather reminiscent of services available on competitor platforms. Featured photos has similarities to Twitter’s pinned tweets, for example, while Snapchat introduced profile GIFs back in July and Google+ was supporting them as far back as March 2013.

This is a clear move by Facebook to remain dynamic and appealing to its user base. As our chart shows, few Facebookers are using only this platform to social network. Close to 90 percent are also visiting YouTube, nearly one-half are visiting Twitter and three in 10 are Instagramming.

What’s more, while Snapchat may not be a major threat at a global level (8 percent of Facebookers are using it monthly), in the U.S., more than 40 percent of Facebook active users aged 16 through 24 are Snapchatting.

The dominance of Facebook over the social networking world isn’t going to end any time soon, but the platform still needs to keep its users interested.

Readers: Did any of GWI’s findings surprise you?


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