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Before explaining what is right in HR Tech, let’s first define what HR Technology is.

Let’s look back 5 years: ATS (applicant tracking systems) were the best tools ever invented, and HR Technology is starting to exist. Keywords surrounding the HR world started to flood the web.

Talent was the first to be touched by this trend: then and now, everyone is looking for talent. But what does talent really mean when you are hiring and not recruiting?

What’s the difference? Hiring is the act of opening a position for people who are looking for a job. But when you recruit, you’re searching for someone already working somewhere else. Someone with the skills you need, someone well-known in the market, someone with personality, someone with talent. What ATS providers didn’t imagine, when they created their product, was the human factor.

This is really the big revolution brought by the HR tech: helping humans to interact with humans, without objectifying them.

What is 2015 HR technology doing right and why will it revolutionize the HR world?

Simplify the complex

Cloud-based talent management suites are now the standard. Even if it existed in other departments in the company, HR was slow to grasp the power of data analysis and data predictions.

HR is all about human, so technology seemed meaningless, we weren’t prepared for these disruptive products until now.

Now, HR software is efficient and easy to use even if what they offer is data, about humans. It is really complex and has to be handled carefully.

Recreate a fair market

HR software now offers features that place the candidate in the center of the process of recruitment. The goal is to find the gem among the rocks, the one of a kind candidate that possesses the required skills and has the right personality to fit in your company.

HR used to bet on the future, but in the future HR Tech in the recruitment process, should incorporate personality and values as an equal asset with required skills.

The software is changing the rules and even more so, the game. Everything can be measured by science and psychology. Opportunities can be given to people with unique talents and can empower their team.

HR technology is a tool that recreates what people used to do in the 1950’s. You want a job you go take it. You go to the company’s door and explain why you are the best for them. Your personality, motivation, and attitude do the rest.

It was the good old times where HR people used to give applicants a chance and not just focus on the rote – prerequisite experience, hard skills and diploma as we are doing now.

A showcase for your values

There was a time (post-2000’s crisis) when people used to apply everywhere without caring about the company image and values. This time is over; now companies are evaluated not only for their products and services but also for their image and values.

HR Technology and especially social referral SAAS are made to empower your company branding as well as your brand values. Your employees are your brand ambassadors and promise keepers, no one wants to work for a company with a bad public image. That’s why you should outsource your recruitment to your employees to empower your workforce. They will suggest applicants that match your work cultural and your brand will be better for it. Your team will become much more efficient as an effect of this psychological emulation.

Go viral and get noticed by the ones who count

The global talent pool is where HR technology software is the most accurate. It is clear that job boards, such as we know them today, are not made for direct recruitment.

Job Boards like they are now will only dilute your job offer. They serve a very partial pool of job applicants, and most talented candidates don’t search job boards.

Your job offers are almost instantly drowned out by a myriad of tempting and similar looking offers.

Even for search targeted by department and/or professional, an offer never stays more than a few minutes on the first-page results.

Under these conditions, how can you be sure that qualified candidates see your ad? It’s impossible! This is when HR Tech software makes sense: your employees and your followers will find the best recruit for you by opening their own address book through their social networks.

A pretty clever combination of communication, marketing and people will make every application count. A win-win strategy that will get you new applicants, as well as sales leads.

HR technology is comprehending what HR is all about: humanity. Times have changed, but the goal stays the same: finding the right employee and keeping humanity at the center of the process.

Tools are tools; machines can’t replace eyes or the human touch, but they can help some recruiters to open their requirement to the human being behind a resume.

To conclude: HR technology and the recruitment process has to be handled carefully because we are talking about people who are the first and only real value of a company.

Laurianne Laval

This monthly Social Recruiting column is contributed by Laurianne Laval. Laurianne is Public Relations Manager at myjobcompany.com. She blogs to show brands how to use social media in their recruitment. She writes to share her thoughts on the social recruitment field and to help readers to set up social recruitment strategy. She loves old school video games, superheroes and Alaska.

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