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What Is Driving Facebook’s Referral Growth?


ShareaholicFacebookReferralChartWhat helped to drive Facebook’s 58.8 percent year-over-year jump in referrals from the end of September 2012 through the same point of 2013? According to social share-button provider Shareaholic, during the same period, mobile referrals from the social network grew by a whopping 253 percent.

Shareaholic explained in a post on its blog that the explosion in mobile referrals was simple: Facebook’s mobile user total experienced strong growth, and those users are liking and sharing more content.

As shown in the chart above, Facebook’s overall share of referral traffic grew by 3.84 percentage points between September 2012 and September 2013, and Facebook mobile referrals accounted for 1.98 of those percentage points.

Shareaholic offered the following advice to marketers on Facebook in its blog post:

It is clear that Facebook mobile usage is growing and that smartphone adoption is on the rise. Therefore, you should make sure your sites are not just mobile compatible, but mobile-optimized, in order to provide a comfortable browsing experience for all visitors.

The bottom line is: Make sure your site is fully optimized for mobile browsing. Let’s face it: No one really enjoys pinching and zooming, or finger dragging, to read or see anything. Your visitors will thank you for it.

Readers: Are you surprised by the strong growth numbers in Facebook mobile referrals?

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