What Creates Resonance?


Recently I was toying with some problematic HTML and CSS on a site and I found a CSS expert's page and placed some mournful Comments about how much I needed his help. Imagine my surprise when, minutes later, the fellow comments back with some suggestions. Then, another guy, also bored enough to be up at 3am comments back too. Social networking via a blog happens more often than through social networking sites.

But, I digress…

So this random yet well-placed comment leads to a 15 minute back and forth comment shower that leaves my site all fixed up. But, what's the point you say? Well, at the end of the the night (or morning) I thanked both guys profusely for their heroic efforts. My response was, "No problem. I really liked your post on 43Things."

What the heck?

How did this generous fellow know anything about a post I did months ago? Well, the answer, of course, is resonance. Think Crying While Eating and Blogebrity to get an idea of what I mean, if you are unsure. But, resonance is that special IT factor that keeps your stuff alive and propels it without your help all the way across the world (the literal world and the web world).

So, anyway, I go back and look at that 43Things post I made months ago. I've gotten 4 cheers and a few comments on just that one little post, but I have gotten more than a dozen personal emails about that post (some even looking for advice).

I was merely being honest, and I had no idea that many people would look at it and agree. How many viewed it, agreed, and didn't comment? Did that little post affect someone's life decisions? Could my post have empowered someone into life-changing action? Well, maybe that's a little overboard, but really, think about the gems you post all over the place. What do they say about you?

It's a small world, virtually. Go read my falling in love post at 43Things. Let it resonate 4EVAH!

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