WeWork’s Secret Sauce For A Truly Creative And Collaborative Workspace


WeWork is a co-working office space that began as a professional-cultural trend among startups and young entrepreneurs that no longer wanted to work at coffee shops, but couldn’t afford office space of their own. WeWork expanded to non tech-related jobs, and even to large organizations. They’re creating a community in different countries to enable small and big businesses to work whenever and wherever they want, with an automatic community around them.

This new model of work requires physical spaces designed to foster entrepreneurship, collaboration and overall, just getting things done. Today, massive corporations allow employees to alternate between the company’s HQ and co-working spaces in order to get exposure to an innovation-friendly ecosystem. Such level of flexibility and autonomy inspire individuals in new ways, and encourage them to go above and beyond, which drives productivity. WeWork is on a mission to create environments where success is measured by personal fulfillment.

The Shift in Workplaces

Patrick Morselli, Head of Global Expansion at WeWork, and Leo Ryan of Ogilvy UK, went on the stage at Social Media Week London for a fireside chat about how big and small companies can create collaborative work environments that allow creative work to flourish.

Leo and Patrick spoke about the shifts in the way entrepreneurs would like to work nowadays; shifting from the traditional corporate cubicle model to an anytime, anywhere plug-and-play experience. From the fireside chat it emerged that WeWork is not only a workplace, but also a community of entrepreneurs working together towards one common goal; growing their businesses and networking.

Patrick said “50% of members formed partnerships with another members” as a result of the networking opportunities organized by WeWork, along with the way the offices are designed in the US, UK, Netherlands and Israel. All offices at WeWork have glass walls where people can see each other, but of course everyone’s privacy is respected and protected.

Developing Community for Companies Big and Small

The management team at WeWork organizes events for their members to help them network. For example, they organized a dinner with fashion influencers in London exclusively for members. If one is a member of WeWork in New York, and he or she is in London for a few days, they can use WeWork facilities with no additional charges.

All members have access to a mobile app where they can communicate with each other. For example, if one company is looking for a freelancer, or members can share opportunities and events in different cities. This is how WeWork is helping to sustain a healthy community; through promoting a truly collaborative and inclusion culture.

Secret Ingredients for all Businesses

Patrick believes the secrete lies behind the glass walls where no one feels alone; everyone feels they are “part of the space”. WeWork designed every floor with a communal area for people to stumble upon each other. This is a new way to wok and the way to create the future businesses. Patrick finished by saying WeWork is expanding fast and they will be in Berlin and Mexico very soon.


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