Weekly Campaign Idea: “Be the First” Promotion

Posted by Sara on 16 Feb 2015 / 0 Comment

Each week on Socially Stacked we feature a social media marketing Campaign to inspire marketers and ShortStack users.

This week we’re talking about a simple marketing campaign you can run to engage with your existing followers across your social networks.

Why a “Be The First” promotion?

Have you ever been taken in by an ad that said, “Be the first to try our new product?”

There’s something exciting about providing loyal customers with a chance to be the first to experience a new design, product or feature of your business.

Ideas for a “Be The First” Promotion

1. Add a photo element: A general rule of thumb is that you should always ask for something in exchange for entry into a promotion. Asking for a relevant photo to your prize is a fun way to get followers excited for your giveaway.

2. Add a voting element: Allowing people to vote on entries encourages those that have entered to share your promotion with their friends and followers and encourages those coming to vote to enter the giveaway themselves.

3. Add an essay element: Everyone loves to tell and hear a good story, so ask your entrants to include some words about their photo and their experience.

4. Limit voting: Voting fraud is, unfortunately, a common practice. To reduce cheating, set up your promotion so people can only vote one time or once in a selected period. ShortStack offers six different ways to prevent contest fraud.

Templates to help you build a “Be The First” Promotion

Photo Vote Contest
Story Contest
Instagram Photo Vote Contest

Example of “Be The First” promotion:

In the following promotion, BlueSeventy, an outdoor swimwear company, is offering a fan the chance to try their latest gear. Entrants are required to upload a photo of their favorite place to swim and explain why it’s the best. They’re then encouraged to get their friends and family to vote for their entry because the entry with the most votes wins.

Blue Seventy "Be The First" Promotion