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We are PandoLIVE and talking about Whisper-gate. Call in!


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 5.09.55 PMIt’s week three of PandoLIVE, our totally unscripted, weekly, call-in show that thousands of people actually listen to and we actually get paid quite a lot of money to produce. (Thanks Rackspace!)

This week Paul is in the middle of full on Carr-a-thon about the Guardian-Whisper scandal, including an epic and bizarre debate with Keith Rabois who was, um, going to the bathroom for seemingly half the day.

The media has gotten sidetracked like a dog chasing a squirrel all day about whether the Guardian could fall under legal trouble for what it did. Rather than, yunno, continuing to hold Whisper accountable for some answers and hold Whisper’s EIC accountable for atrocious and bizarre behavior and hold Whisper’s normally likable founder and CEO accountable for going all Kim Jung Un. Really, we’re going to let a flimsy PR-101 statement end this thing?

We also may talk about this abomination.

The number is 877 959 6739 and go here to listen LIVE.