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Prezi and TED have long been friends and partners, from TED’s early investment in Prezi to our recent Ideas matter contest. It’s a union that makes a lot of sense. You only need to look as far as the two lines of language we use to define our companies to find the key common denominator.

Ideas matter.

Ideas worth spreading

This is just the beginning of why the TED-x Danubia event this coming Friday feels very special to all of us here at Prezi. It goes without saying that we support idea sharing across the globe, but it’s particularly poignant (for a company founded in Hungary) when a platform for the spreading of ideas like this one takes place in our own backyard. This is not the first time Budapest has hosted a TED-x event, with the previous conference in 2010 being very successful. As with pretty much any TED event, tickets for the conference are now all gone and interest is obviously high, but the significance of this event for us is something more than ticket sales and video views.

TED-x Danubia has centered itself around the concept of “crossing lines” and this idea of breaking free of restrictions, both seen and invisible, is of particular interest to Prezi. Obviously, it fits very well with our mission to create a tool that effectively removes the obstacles that stand between people communicating their ideas. But it goes beyond just Prezi and our company mission. Hungarians are by nature storytellers and Hungary’s history is filled to the brim with tales of border crossings and the construction and demolition of various barriers. As a result, TED-x Danubia’s message resonates very strongly on a personal level for many of us here at Prezi.

Winner of the TEDxDanubia 2011 and Budapest Film contest – Panna M. Horvath: Bestime Story

It’s probably not coincidental that there is an almost poetic symmetry between the titles chosen for the event’s three sessions and our Prezi values. Indeed, if you were to ask our employees to summarize what Prezi means to them in just five words, it’s inevitable that “Explore, Wonder, and Create” would make a lot of lists.

There is a great list of presenters under each of these category titles. We wouldn’t want to single out any of the speakers for special recommendation, but a menu that includes the first Hungarian to scale Everest, a futurist, numerous musicians, and a war correspondent is appetizing, to say the least. Those of us not lucky enough to make it to the conference will doubtless wait eagerly for the talk videos to make their way onto our phone and computer screens.

While an event such as this one is an important way of putting the sharing of ideas in front of a large audience, it is by no means the beginning and end of idea sharing in this part of the world. Scratch beneath the surface and you will easily find initiatives like Creative Mornings Budapest and Cultivo, as well as Ted-x Youth Budapest, all of which do an excellent job of bringing people together to spread knowledge and share experiences in an engaging and impactful way.

We love to see all of these events, and we look forward to seeing more, as they show us that we’re not the only ones who place a lot of value in sharing ideas.

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