Watch Out Amazon: Google Partners With Barnes & Noble For Same-Day Delivery


The race to provide customers with instant access to everything just got a lot more intense.

In a bid to take on rival Amazon, the New York Times reported that Google and Barnes & Noble are partnering up to provide same-day book delivery. Customers in certain parts of New York City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco area can receive the books they order from local Barnes & Noble stores in a matter of hours.

The books will be delivered through Google’s year-old shopping service, Google Shopping Express, which lets customers order items for same-day delivery from retailers such as Whole Foods and Guitar Center.

Google first launched Shopping Express in San Francisco last year. The service is available via Android and iOS mobile apps and the Web to bring groceries and other purchases from local stores to your door at a convenient time for you that day. The step into book delivery is a way for Google to pad up its offerings.

Michael P. Huseby, Barnes & Noble’s chief executive, told the New York Times:

“The arrangement with Google is “a test” and said that he viewed it as a way to increase the bookseller’s online reach and improve sales from its physical stores. “It’s our attempt to link the digital and physical,” Mr. Huseby said.”

The move comes at a dangerous time for Amazon, when both book purchasers and authors alike have been frustrated by the company’s failure to process orders for Hachette books, as a negotiating tactic. Google is sweetening the deal for consumers by undercutting Amazon’s same-day delivery fee of $ 5.99 for Prime members and $ 9.98 for everyone else with a flat fee of $ 4.99.

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