WARNING: Avoid (at All Costs) Sites that Promise to Let You Hack Other Facebook Users


RedExclamationMarkTriangle650Once again, Facebook users are reminded to stay very far away from websites and applications that claim to enable them to hack other users’ accounts, as Malwarebytes Labs , which reported on phishing site FBSniffing in June, unearthed two similar efforts: FBWand (no longer online at the time of this post) and Facebook Hacker.

Jovi Umawing of Malwarebytes Labs detailed how both bogus sites work in a blog post.

According to Umawing, now-offline FBWand appeared to have merely been a hoax. It claimed (unedited):

FBWand uses the latest security holes in Facebook, so you can get into your cheating husbands, annoying bosses or any other persons Facebook profile and read messages, upload pictures or do anything you like. FBWand is super easy to use. Password isn’t changed in the cracking process so the user in question won’t notice anything. Also the method we use is undetectable by Facebook and probably won’t be patched anytime soon.

To gain access to your victims E-Mail and Password, you will be required to get an authorization code from us through referring friends to FBWand.

Users were then taken to a page with three parts: an interface where they would enter the names of their targets, a list of features and testimonials, and a frequently-asked-questions section that claimed that accounts could be hacked in 20 seconds.

However, on its terms-of-service page, FBWand said it merely simulated Facebook hacking.


Facebook Hacker, the more harmful of the two sites, was still live at the time of this post. Its pitch reads (unedited):

We are currently the #1 site in the Internet to provide this service for free and at amazing speeds and success rate. Don’t believe us? See how many like and share we have on Facebook and other social media and we are ranked #1 on google.

You may wonder why people hack Facebook accounts? The answer is simple. There are various reason as to why one would want to hack another persons Facebook account. Parents might want to see what their kids are doing online to monitor them. A boyfriend or girlfriend might want to see what their counterpart is doing behind their back. A husband would want to check if his wife is faithful or vice versa. Today in the world of Internet social media has become one of the most trending thing for people of every age. Many people share their deepest and darkest secrets, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes with their friends. And this is the reason why people want access to others account to know everything about them.

We provide you with the best Facebook hacker available in the internet for absolutely free. Now you can hack Facebook password of just anyone you want. No more wasting time downloading Facebook password hacker or any other Facebook password cracker tools available in the internet. Most of these tools are fake and contain virus. This is why we offer you this 100% safe service to hack anyone on Facebook right from website hacking panel. No plugin or absolutely no download required. Get started now!

According to Umawing, clicking the “start hacking” button brings users to a page where they can enter the URLs for the profiles they want to hack. They are then taken to a “Members Panel,” where they are required to enter their user names and passwords – which is never a good idea — in order to access the results.

Facebook Hacker then displays specific information gleaned from Facebook’s Graph Search – user ID, user name, profile picture – along with a meter measuring the progress of the hack.

However, after being prompted to log in to their Facebook accounts in order to see the results (another red flag), users are then instructed to either share referral links with the aim of getting 15 Facebook or Twitter users to click on them, or to complete surveys, after which they are directed to another website, Download Files Fast.


Umawing concluded:

Although it’s true that no website is perfectly secure, one must not attempt to hack into them nor break into someone else’s online profile. These are illegal acts. Sites marketing themselves as free, user-friendly hacking-as-a-service (HaaS) tools, such as those I mentioned here, generally take advantage of user distrust against someone and profit on it, promising big but delivering nothing in the end. Avoid them at all cost.

Readers: Have you ever come across FBSniffing, FBWand, Facebook Hacker or similar sites?

Screenshots courtesy of Malwarebytes Labs. Warning sign image courtesy of Shutterstock.