Want To Search Your Status History on Facebook?


StatusHistory650If you have ever wanted to scroll back through your status update history on Facebook’s Timeline to delete old statuses (just in case someone ever looks), but you didn’t want to take the time to do actually sit and scroll through the years of regretted posts, there is now a solution for that, and it’s aptly named Status History.

Tom Sprows is the developer of Status History, a Facebook application that will only work on HTML5 browsers, including most smartphone browsers. The app was built using JQuery mobile and JavaScript, and it allows you to:

  • Find out who your top 10 Facebook stalkers — I mean people who interact the most on your page are.
  • Scroll through every status update you ever posted for easier clean-up, or for nostalgia (because YOU are your biggest fan).

Once you give this third-party app access to your Facebook account, it starts scanning and pulling every status update you have ever posted. Once the scan is complete, you have the ability to navigate through them by keyword.

Not only is this beneficial to the average Joe, but it can also be a big help with brands and companies. Sprows said:

I thought it could be valuable for brands to get this information from their Facebook fan pages. With this tool, brands could find out who their top brand ambassadors are.

Readers: Will you check out Status History?