Voss Water Uses Facebook App To Chronicle Efforts To Bring Clean Water To Sub-Saharan Africa


VossWater31DaysBanner650Norwegian spring-water provider Voss Water created the 31 Days to Make a Difference Facebook application to chronicle the efforts by its Voss Foundation to bring clean water to Sub-Saharan Africa. The company said its 31 Days to Make a Difference campaign runs through Earth Day, April 22, and the app details the implementation process it goes through from start to finish, following the foundation’s local partner, FACE Africa, from Monrovia to Rivercess and its Little Liberia rural community. In the past five years, Voss Foundation has been responsible for 68 clean water access points and 159 sanitation facilities in six countries in the region. Voss Water and the Voss Foundation also encouraged social media users to post photos of 31 Days materials and add the tags and hashtags @vossfoundation, @vossworld, and #31Days on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Voss Group CEO Jack Belsito said in a release announcing 31 Days to Make a Difference:

Voss Water is honored to be associated with the Voss Foundation and its vital work saving and changing lives in Africa. We remain devoted to the mission and are proud to continue our support of the Voss Foundation. Through social media efforts, we hope to attract widespread attention to the successful work of Voss Foundation.

Voss Foundation Executive Director Kara Gerson added:

Our partners, donors, and followers have been so supportive of our mission for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in Sub-Saharan Africa. Access to clean water truly causes a ripple effect. Access enables children to attend school, strengthens women’s rights, and helps hospitals, agriculture, and economies thrive. We are so grateful to our friends at Voss for helping spread the word.