Vocational Skills: What Happens When the Boomers Retire?


Vocational Skills: What Happens When the Boomers Retire? image Baby BoomersV3

Does the declining number of workers in the baby boomer workforce that consist of skilled trade positions pose a threat to the future of these industries and the economy, or is it an opportunity for a younger generation to gain employment? How can we make sure that the baby boomer industry can find a replacement set of workers for their vacant job positions? These are questions that the current marketplace is facing, and we ought to do something about that.

If we are to educate youth about the potential opportunities in vocational skills training, then how should companies achieve this? And can they achieve this? These are some of the solutions that the government is ready to address to meet the demands of the current job industry vacancy. Learn more about the issues of job employment in the baby boomer section with the help of this infographic.


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