Virgin Media to Offer Netflix Free For Up To Six Months to Its TiVo Set-Top Box Users


Are you an entertainment lover who loves watching TV over almost everything else? Then there is some good news for you.  Guest which on-demand internet streaming media has made its way to yet another box for your TV? You guessed it right – we are talking about Netflix.  The USA-based on-demand internet streaming media will soon be available on Virgin Media TiVo set-top boxes in the UK.

Back in September, there were rumors that Virgin Media in the UK would be offering the facility to stream Netflix content to users of its TiVo set-top boxes. It was also speculated that this move will come as part of an effort by TiVo to help Netflix reach the set-top boxes around the globe. Currently, TiVo boxes are offered by a number of major cable television companies in both the US and the UK.

Virgin Media TV is one of the leading providers of digital TV in the UK. By adding the ability to stream Netflix content via its TiVo set-top boxes, Virgin is all set to get a new group of users.  But Virgin Media is not content with just adding Netflix. The digital TV provider in the United Kingdom also plans to give it away free for six months to its customers.

Netflix comes to Virgin Media TiVo

However, the offer will be available for limited customers only. As a matter of fact, Virgin plan to provide this deal to the first time Virgin Media customers who sign up for the top of the line packages.

To be more precise, the first time customers who will sign-up to Virgin Media’s Premiere or VIP Collection services will be entitled to get a six-month Netflix subscription along with the package. Existing customers can also get the six-months free by signing up to either of these top of the line contracts.  All other TiVo customers will get their first month free.

In other words, Virgin Media is using this deal for promotion of its top of the line packages. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one, you can always enjoy six month Netflix subscription at no additional cost when you sign up for any of those top packages.  If you plan to opt for or stick to a base or moderate package, you will get 1 month of free Netflix subscription.

In case you are wondering, how much the packages will cost, here’s some insight. Premiere service is at present priced at £40 for the first six months. After that the price rises to £63 as part of an 18-month contract. In case of VIP Collection the price is £65 for the first six months then you have to pay £115.49 for 18 months.

This offer is an ideal offer for Virgin Media customers. Especially those who enjoy up to 120 MB broadband, can enjoy Full HD with 5.1 surround streamed seamlessly  via Netflix. After the initial free time Netflix will cost £6 a month.

Virgin Media has confirmed that the Netflix app will roll out over the next few days to all the TiVo set-top box users. The Netflix app will coexist side by side Virgin’s on-demand content. Virgin Media TiVo set-top box users who haven’t opted for Netflix yet will be able to enjoy six months of free Netflix service (conditions applied).

So, if you’re a Virgin Media user and already have Netflix this offer will give you a whole new way to watch on demand content. One can expect this deal to be a straight forward option. And as an advantage you can give your console some well earned rest.