[Viral Video] Watch Old People React To Old Spice’s Weird, Weird, Commercials


Back when I was writing Social Media Is Bullshit, I did a lot of digging in order to answer the question of whether or not the Old Spice commercials were actual viral videos. (Hint: They’re not. Like, not even close.) That doesn’t make the commercials any less entertaining, but I’m slightly annoyed by their constant reference as successful viral videos. Or when they’re used as examples of how you can make things go viral. That’s a rant for another time though.

What it is time for today is that those Old Spice commercials are back. That’s right. Those weird, weird, Old Spice commercials. But this time there’s an enjoyable twist.

The Fine Brothers (known for their “Kids React” videos on YouTube) have taken those weird Old Spice commercials and exposed them to the elderly. No heart attacks or crazed mental breakdowns ensue, but there is a lot of delightful fawning and facial expressions to be found in today’s viral video. Enjoy!

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